Combustion Analyzer Facts and Mistakes
Our Main man Bill Spohn joins us again to talk specifically about combustion and how to select and properly utilize an analyzer
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Does Air or Nitrogen Absorb Water?
There are many examples of teaching using metaphor to help someone get a grasp of how something works without being EXACTLY correct. Some examples are how we often use water flow to explain electrical flow or refrigerant circuit dynamics. It's enough like the way it works to get our heads wrapped around it but there […]
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What Should My Superheat Be?
  The most common and often most frustrating questions, that trainers and senior techs get goes something like this. “What should my ______ be?” or “My _____ is at ______ does that sound right? Usually, when the conversation is over both the senior and junior techs walk away feeling frustrated because the junior tech just wanted […]
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Air Flow Hood Considerations w/ Dwyer
Jaden Lane joins us to discuss some best practices when using hoods and how the Dwyer Smart is innovating in the hood space
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Sensors, Measurements, and Physics
Sensors, Measurements, and Physics As HVAC/R Technicians, we use tools and instruments to make measurements every day. In fact, 90% of our job could not be done efficiently without some kind of measurement.  “How do we measure?” “With what instruments?” “How accurate are these measurements?” These are all questions a thoughtful technician should ask before […]
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Tubing and Piping Support
  Piping support is covered in Section 305 of the IMC (International Mechanical Code) which once again, isn't binding but is the code that most local codes are based on. Piping / Tubing Material Maximum Horizontal Distance Between Support Maximum Vertical Distance Between Support Copper Tubing 1 1/4″ & Smaller  6′  10′ Copper Tubing 1 […]
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3D Duct Modeling For Residential
Russ King joins us to discuss simplifying duct design for residential contractors
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Crankcase Heaters and Single Pole Contactors
We keep 2 pole 40 amp 24v coil contactors on all of our vans. They are versatile, reliable and you can replace most residential A/C contactors with them. There are a few things to watch for though, especially when you have a crankcase heater. Many brands power the crankcase heater constantly and shut it on […]
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