How (and Why) to Flow Nitrogen While Brazing
When I started in the trade the idea of flowing nitrogen while brazing was nothing more than a punchline of a joke. Like pulling a vacuum with a micron gauge or proper recovery it was a wink and nod proposition rather than a real practice. I've had to unlearn many bad habits since those early […]
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Impactful HVAC/R Instruction
Ty Brannaman from NTI comes on the podcast to share his passion for teaching as well as his approach to being an impactful educator
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Short #83 – Practical Safety Improvements
A quick look at Bryan’s take on practical safety improvements and the safety year in review at Kalos
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Furnace Air Temperature Rise
Every gas furnace data plate/tag has a specification for the temperature rise through that furnace.  It is shown in a range like 50-80° or 45-75 °. Those two numbers are the lowest recommended temperature rise and the highest allowed temperature rise through the furnace this is usually a 30° difference.  When possible we want to get the rise toward the […]
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Clocking a Gas Meter (It’s not that hard)
I've heard a lot made of clocking gas meters over the years and honestly, in Florida there isn't too much call for for heat and even fewer furnaces. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out how easy it actually is. Here is how you do it, step by step. #1 – Make sure all […]
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Descaling Large Equipment
Tim Fregeau from Goodway joins us and talks about descaling best practices and why it matters to you.
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Recovery Tank Capacity
  To start with I'm going to cut straight to the part that most of you want to know. This is based on calculations I have done personally based on typical Mastercool DOT tanks but feel free to come to your own conclusions based on your own calculations. I prefer to stay on the safe […]
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Heat Pumps, Charging & Defrost #LIVE
In this live episode, we talk Heat pumps, why Bryan like them, why other people don’t, how to charge and diagnose them and defrost
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