The 5 Readings Every Tech Must Know Well
Before you call your manager or a senior tech, make sure you have these 5 readings down pat. Suction Pressure, Liquid / Head pressure, Superheat, Subcool, Air temp Split.
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Basic electrical Theory
In this episode of HVAC School, we talk BASIC electrical theory. Ohm's law, Watt's law, inductive vs. resistive loads, inductive reactance, loads, switches and circuits and more… 
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Diagnosis, Reconfirmation, Parts Changers and You
This Episode of HVAC School is a meeting I had highlighting a mistake we made in our business and going over how to be both a good and profitable technician even in the slow season. 
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The Basic Refrigeration Circuit
In this episode of the HVAC School Podcast we talk about the basic refrigerant circuit, the compressor, Condenser, metering device, evaporator and lines. 
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