Measuring instruments from Testo are used by customers all over the world for widely differing applications. However, our real strength has for years been with HVAC/R technicians. Nowhere are the measurement tasks more diverse, the conditions tougher and the customers more demanding. Just the right mixture for us.

11 years ago I (Bryan) walked into my local Carrier and asked to be signed up as a dealer. From that time until now Carrier and now Carrier Enterprise have worked to support us in our business through training, marketing programs and personal care when we needed help. We are especially thankful to Carrier for partnering with HVAC School to bring high quality, free training to men and women across the USA who need it now more than ever.Ever since I first started as an apprentice I have worked with and trusted the Rectorseal family of products. Tried and true brands like Tru-blu,  Safe-T-Switch and Kickstart and newer lines like Novent tamper resistant caps and leak freeze polymer free refrigerant leak sealant. We have been highly impressed by the commitment Rectorseal has shown to the industry through providing ongoing training to technicians and contractors throughout the USA. They are an active partner in improving technician excellence and closing the skills gap in the HVAC/R, Plumbing and Electrical trades.