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Kickstart brand hard start kits are the kits we use on all of our trucks for aftermarket service applications. When you are on a job with a locked compressor you need a hard start kit that will do the job time and time again without failure and without damaging the compressor. The TO5 kit is designed for 1.5 – 3 ton A/C applications and the KS1 is designed for 3.5 – 5 ton. While you may only connect “two wires” to the run capacitor, this kit uses the tried and true start capacitor and potential relay to get the compressor started and then get the start capacitor out of the circuit quickly.

Testo smart probes are a great set of diagnostic tools for the residential and light commercial HVAC/R service technician. They all function over Bluetooth for both iPhone and Android devices using the Testo Smart Probes app. You can get a great deal from TruTech tools by clicking the image above and using the offer code “getschooled” at checkout

The Testo 770-3 is the multimeter I have in my toolbag. It does everything an HVAC/R tech needs a meter to do, plus it can measure wattage (power) and power factor directly. When used in conjunction with the 605i smart hygrometers you can easily calculate total system efficiency. You will find that clicking above and getting this meter from TruTech tools will get this meter to you quickly and at a great price, especially if you use the offer code “getschooled” at checkout for an extra discount.

There are many reasons to begin using locking refrigerant caps. New codes that require them, adolescent refrigerant huffing and refrigerant theft as the prices CONTINUE to increase. The Novent system is superior because unlike other caps they cannot be removed with a simple tire core removal tool that thieves and abusers often have in their cars are even on their bicycles. Click the image above to learn more about this emerging trend and how it can affect your business.

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