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R-410A Phase-Down Update
By:Bryan OrrJason ObrzutDr. Chuck AllgoodMatthew BrunerAdam MufichRoman BaughDon GillisThis tech tip is an overview of the livestream by the same name, featuring HVAC School contributors Matt Bruner, Roman Baugh, and Adam Mufich, as well as special guests Don Gillis, Dr. Chuck Allgood, and Jason Obrzut. You can watch the full livestream HERE. These gents also […]
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EPA Section 608 Changes Every Tech and Contractor Needs to Know (Podcast)
By:Bryan Orr In this episode of the podcast, Jeremy Arling from the EPA comes on and answers some common questions about the new rule changes that affect recovery, leak repair, recordkeeping, and evacuation on HVAC and refrigeration systems. EPA 608 rules regulate the actions that technicians must take when it comes to refrigerants and the […]
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