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Cooling Capacity Isn’t Always What it Seems
By:Bryan Orr We all learned how to read the tonnage off of a model number within a few weeks of beginning in the trade. What you may (or may not) have learned is that just because something has an 036 in the model number, that does NOT mean it actually produces 36,000 BTU/hr. It doesn't […]
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By:Bryan Orr Let's get through all of the jargon and get to the point as quickly as possible. These ratings are a calculation of how much energy you have to put into a system to get a BTU of heating or cooling out. Simple. But the problem is that each piece of cooling or heat […]
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How “Hot” Does That Get?
By:Bryan Orr I got in one of these tiny torches the other day to experiment with brazing aluminum in tight spots, and one of the techs walked in and asked, “What type of torch is that?” I answered, “It's oxy/acetylene.” He picked it up and looked at it a bit, then asked, “Does that get […]
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The Basics of Moving Heat (Thermodynamics)
By:Bryan Orr In this episode of HVAC School, Bryan talks to some apprentices about basic thermodynamics. That is the fancy scientific way of saying that we're moving heat. The way we think of “hot” and “cold” is relative to our comfort. However, the scientific concepts of “hot” and “cold” are very different from our relative understandings […]
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