The Skills Gap and Training #LIVE

In this live podcast from CASTBOX, we discuss the skills gap and how we are going to get more people into and trained in the HVAC/R trade.

Instead of gaining skills early in life and then looking for a job, many of us in the HVAC/R trade started our careers and gained skills along the way. The most successful technicians (and Bryan's favorite job candidates) have the “growth” mindset and care about their work, not just connecting a paycheck. Many people have experience working with their hands (or working any job), but they don't go into the HVAC industry with trade experience under their belt. Work ethic and care for one's work are more indicative of success than prior skills.

From a contractor standpoint, Bryan thinks that we must teach and force the application of skills. The basics are important, and being a “hands-on learner” is not an excuse for a technician not to learn the basics. Repetition and muscle memory are a major part of learning in our trade; however, they are undervalued in the classroom. It's all about striking a balance.

As a society, we don't see as many people involving their family members in the trades. As a result, our trade currently has a hiring and skills gap. It's up to us to get people excited about the trade and help them get involved. We must make it clear that HVAC/R careers ARE good careers where you CAN make a nice living.

We also discuss:

  • Hiring out of desperation
  • Self-control and maturity regardless of age
  • Successful techs from other industries and hard times
  • The Diagnosis Game
  • Company culture
  • Successful communication
  • Formal vs. informal performance reviews
  • Interpreting hiring exams, interviews, and phone calls
  • Proficiency timeline and career evolution
  • Learning without an internal training program
  • Competitive starting wages
  • Better high-school programs
  • Socratic method
  • Getting younger people involved in the trades and job-shadowing
  • Being safety-conscious
  • Apprenticeship programs
  • HVAC/R teachers
  • Being intentional about training

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