INFICON is an industry leader in test instrumentation, sensing technologies, and controls. They produce high-quality vacuum gauges, gas and refrigerant leak detectors, charging scales, refrigerant monitors, and more for easy and accurate HVAC service.


INFICON is a Swiss company with manufacturing and distribution centers all over the world. The team is hard at work innovating our industry’s tried-and-true tools to enhance technician productivity and accuracy.

Products We Love

D-TEK Stratus ® Refrigerant Leak Detector and Portable Monitor

D-TEK Stratus combines the superior leak detection of INFICON D-TEK leak detectors with the cloud hunting capability of a portable monitor all in one hand-held unit. Quickly locate the area containing the leak using the large, easy-to-read LCD display, and then pinpoint the leak all with one instrument. With just a quick sensor change, D-TEK Stratus can detect any refrigerant gas or CO2 using the same tool. Easily switch the refrigerant sensor to one of the optional CO2 or flammable refrigerant sensors to fit your application.

D-TEK 3 ® Refrigerant Leak Detector

D-TEK 3 features a quick charge lithium ion battery and a new ergonomic design great for everyday RAC maintenance and repair. Like its “big brother” D-TEK Stratus, D-TEK 3 is equipped with a refrigerant sensor that can be easily swapped out for the optional CO2 or flammable refrigerant sensors, making it a versatile tool for any application. Both D-TEK 3 and D-TEK Stratus are equipped with IR sensors that allow for higher accuracy and less cross sensitivity.

TEK-Mate® Refrigerant Leak Detector

TEK-Mate is the ideal refrigerant leak detector for the light-to-medium duty user who demands reliable leak detection at a budget-friendly price. Features such as the INFICON heated diode sensor, variable intensity audible and visual alarms and automatic zeroing to adjust for changing refrigerant backgrounds make TEK-Mate the best bargain in refrigerant leak detectors.

CO Check® Carbon Monoxide Meter

CO Check is the convenient, dependable way to detect and measure dangerous carbon monoxide levels in both residential and commercial/industrial applications. The instrument combines superior accuracy and reliability with simple, one-hand operation. Intuitive “stoplight” LEDs and an audible alarm alert you to the danger level of CO present, while the large, easy-to-read LCD provides a precise readout of the exact CO level. A protective holster case with belt clip adds to your convenience.

Vortex® Dual Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Vortex Dual combines the proven capabilities of previous Vortex products with new extended features to give you the fastest, smallest, and easiest to use refrigerant recovery machine yet. Vortex® Dual sets itself apart by offering a full 1 HP dual piston compressor for the fastest recovery speeds available under real service conditions. A micro-channel condenser combined with an oversize fan helps lower discharge pressures resulting in sustained speed in the hottest ambient temperatures.

Wey-TEK ™ Refrigerant Charging Scale

Simple operation, outstanding durability and great accuracy make Wey-TEK a great choice for any technician. This industry-leading scale features a large weighing platform with 220 lb. (110 kg) capacity.

Wey-TEK HD Wireless ™ Refrigerant Charging Scale

Building on the proven performance of Wey-TEK, the Wey-TEK HD Wireless Refrigerant Charging Scale sets a new standard for versatility, durability and accuracy in a 250 lb. capacity scale. Wey-TEK HD Wireless uses Bluetooth® wireless technology to reliably display real-time measurements on your smartphone or tablet using the free app (on the App Store℠ or on Google Play™). If you prefer a dedicated handpiece, an optional wireless handpiece is available with a full color display.

Whisper® Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Do you have a non-traditional leak detection application that a gas detector, soap bubbles or dye injection system can’t address? Whisper is ideal for detecting and locating ultrasonic frequencies generated when the following common situations occur: • leaks of any gas under pressure or vacuum • electrical arcing • worn bearings and machinery • malfunctions in steam traps • leaking seals

Pilot® Plus Vacuum Gauge

Pilot Plus Vacuum Gauge incorporates several innovative features for unsurpassed performance. Its Pirani sensor provides best-in-class accuracy and the ability to measure the entire vacuum process, from atmosphere down to one micron, so you’ll know instantly if your connections are vacuum-tight.

QS5 Vacuum Pump

QS5 Vacuum Pump is designed for quick, deep evacuation as well as affordability and durability. QS5 is a two-stage, rotary vane pump with 5 CFM rated displacement for ultimate vacuum down to 15 microns. Features such as a large oil sightglass, easily accessible oil drain and innovative oil-trapping exhaust/demister allow technicians to make easier, more efficient service calls.

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