Active air management

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  • Remote HVAC & IAQ diagnostics through the HAVEN Pro Web Portal
  • On-demand HVAC automation for Active Air Management
  • Dedicated Pro & Homeowner support teams
  • Data driven sales opportunities
  • Visitless customer management
  • Builds trust & creates long term customers


How it Works:

  • The Central Air Monitor is installed in the duct of a customer’s home, where it tracks particles, airborne chemicals, relative humidity levels and airflow status.
  • The Central Air Controller activates HVAC equipment automatically, ensuring proper filtration and circulation of the home’s air based on real-time readings from the Monitor. The two work together to ‘supercharge’ any ducted HVAC system & IAQ accessory through an added layer of intelligence for active air management.
  • The HAVEN Pro Web Portal provides HVAC professionals with remote access to IAQ data, and the insights needed to offer clean air services, year-round.


Pro Web Portal Features:

  • Automatically prioritizes customers based on IAQ status
  • Visitless customer management, perfect for maintenance and service contracts
  • IAQ report generator to facilitate sales and upgrade conversations
  • Analytics & insights dashboard ○ Education, Sales & Marketing resources
  • The HAVEN IAQ App shows homeowners that HAVEN is automatically responding to IAQ events, for clean air peace of mind.


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The 3 Pillars of IAQ

HAVEN has the unique ability to manage the three pillars of IAQ through airflow detection, and
○ Filtration: Helps capture harmful airborne particles on a whole-home scale
○ Ventilation: Replaces stale air with fresh outdoor air, removing any built up airborne chemicals in
the home.
○ Humidity Control: Key for human health and comfort in limiting microorganism and virus survival.
○ Airflow: The foundation to the 3 pillars of IAQ. Without airflow, the equipment that manages the
3 pillars can’t function effectively.

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