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Bluon got its start back in 2011 as an R&D shop, focused on developing an R-22 replacement refrigerant that would improve the performance of equipment it was installed in.  Once we nailed the refrigerant and began to work with service technicians in the field, we quickly realized the daunting challenge facing HVAC techs: there literally are no instructions or support from the OEM’s on how to retrofit R-22 equipment to alternative refrigerants.  With over 20,000 models out there, this was no small challenge.  We knew we had to provide the technician community with a new type of training, support and specific technical information on every model.  Nobody had ever attempted this before, but we were up to the challenge.

As a result, Bluon created something totally new, a remarkable support eco-system for service techs that enables them to become an expert on any unit out there.  Bluon’s support, database and just-in-time training allows techs to retrofit R-22 units with ease, service R-410a and R-22 units with more confidence and better outcomes and simply become better techs.

Bluon is now disrupting the HVAC world, bringing together a team of app developers, physicists, chemical engineers, veteran techs, mechanical engineers and designers that are dedicated to supporting the HVAC technician community in an entirely new way.

Get involved and join the Bluon Movement

We have thousands of HVAC techs across America who joined the Bluon Movement and got accredited. Bluon Accredited Techs get access to Bluon’s one-of-a-kind support ecosystem, including the Bluon App, our 24/7 hotline support for anything air conditioning related and become eligible for our limited warranty when using Bluon TdX 20 [R-458A].  And the best part? There is no cost for any of this if you sign up now. It’s your turn to join the Bluon Movement.



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Download the Bluon App and get accredited. 

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