Bill Spohn
Company name: TruTech Tools, LTD
Position: President & CEO
Bill Spohn is the President, CEO, and co-owner of TruTech Tools. He received his education in mechanical engineering and is a consulting engineer, but he is particularly well-known for his work focused on HVAC instrumentation. Bill is also a NetZero HVAC enthusiast and produces his own podcast, Building HVAC Science.
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Take a Deep Breath: Respiratory Hazards in HVAC
By:Bryan OrrBill Spohn DISCLAIMER: HVAC School is NOT an official OSHA safety training resource! Although we provide safety tips in good faith, our website is not a substitute for safety training from an authorized OSHA training source.   When most people think about respiratory devices, their minds probably jump to soldiers wearing gas masks in […]
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Electrification in HVAC: An Update
By:Bill SpohnKimberly LlewellynJohn Hoehn NOTE: If you cannot view the recording, the video may still be processing. The maximum wait time is 24 hours. We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience.
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Electrification Panel
By:Jim BergmannBill SpohnKimberly Llewellyn
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Electrification Panel w/ Bill Spohn, Jim Bergmann and Kimberly Llewellyn
By:Bill SpohnKimberly LlewellynJim BergmannBryan Orr
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Custom Performance Home w/ Spohn
By:Bryan OrrBill Spohn In this podcast episode, Bryan talks with Bill Spohn about his most recent project, SpohnHome. SpohnHome explores Bill's journey in custom home performance. Projects are complicated because so many trades work together to accomplish a building. However, custom homes are particularly challenging, especially in Bill Spohn's case. His home is a “personalized […]
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Combustion Analyzer Facts and Mistakes
By:Bryan OrrBill Spohn Our main man, Bill Spohn, joins us again to talk specifically about combustion. He also explains how to select and properly utilize a combustion analyzer. It's critical to do combustion analysis when you service equipment for the first time or just after installation. We need benchmarks, so that's when our combustion analyzers […]
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How to Effectively Choose and Use Test Instruments
By:Bryan OrrBill Spohn Bill Spohn with TruTech Tools joins us to talk about why being “approximately correct” is better than being “exactly wrong” when it comes to test instruments. When you see a number, that doesn't necessarily mean that you're dealing with a number you're supposed to see. For example, nitric oxide can present as […]
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