Andy Holt
Company name: Outdoor University
Position: Owner
Andy Holt is the owner of TopRate Services, which offers training services for HVAC professionals and hosts Outdoor University. Outdoor University is a soft skills training camp for HVAC professionals at any stage of their career, and it covers a range of topics from billing to customer service to representing your company professionally.
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Fix Your Customer 1st, Then Fix Their System
By:Andy Holt NOTE: If you cannot view the recording, the video may still be processing. The maximum wait time is 24 hours. We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience.
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Business Round Table
By:Luke PetersonBryan OrrAndy HoltTersh Blissett   
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Overcoming Conflict at Work w/ Andy Holt
By:Bryan OrrAndy Holt Andy Holt joins the podcast to discuss the ever-relevant topic of overcoming conflict at work. Some people end up in conflicts often, so Andy recommends paying attention to how others react to the conflict you have perceived; if you are much more stressed than everyone else, then you need to look internally, […]
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