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Pool Heater Water Flow Issues
As you may already know, we work on pool heaters at Kalos as a way of opening ourselves up to some extra business during the winter. We find that it's a worthwhile line of work, and it may be something that other residential HVAC companies may want to consider doing. This tech tip by Bert […]
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What’s Different About Pool Heaters w/ Bert
 In this podcast, Bryan Orr and Bert discuss various aspects of pool heaters, focusing on issues that make them different from typical HVAC systems. They cover the basics of pool heaters – the main types (heat pumps and gas heaters) and how they operate similarly or differently from things HVAC techs work on regularly. […]
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Common Callbacks and Failed Inspections on Install
 In this episode of HVAC School, hosts Bryan Orr and Bert discuss practical tips for preventing callbacks and failed inspections in residential HVAC installs and maintenance. Bryan and Bert stress the importance of getting the basics right, like properly cleaning condensate drains, ensuring proper drain pitch, and sealing ducts completely before relying on tapes […]
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Callback Prevention Principles
In this podcast episode, Bert joins Bryan to talk about what he has learned to help prevent the dreaded callback on the job. Callbacks are bad news for customer service, time, and profit. However, the highest cost is the inconvenience caused to the customer. To reduce callbacks, Bert recommends communicating your expectations to your customer […]
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