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Fan On or Fan Auto
Full disclosure: as a technician, I was guilty of setting the fan to “on” at the thermostat for many years. I never really thought of any of the negative impacts that could happen. I wanted to circulate the air and keep air moving through the high-efficiency air filter that most of our houses had. Later, I […]
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How to Determine the Friction Rate for Residential Duct Design
This article is written by one of the smartest guys I know online, Neil Comparetto. Thanks, Neil! Recently, I posted a question in the HVAC School Group on Facebook that went like this: “When designing a residential duct system, what friction rate do you use?” As of writing this, only one answer was correct according […]
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HVAC School Admin Discussion – Moderating a Successful Community
 Some admins from the HVAC School Facebook group join the podcast to discuss the art of moderating a successful community. Bryan is joined by Eric Kaiser, Ty Branaman, Michael Housh, and Neil Comparetto. You can also watch the video version of this podcast HERE. A community based on a skilled trade gives people an […]
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Value Design in High Performance Home HVAC w/ Comfort Squad
 Neil Comparetto and John Semmelhack of the Comfort Squad join Bryan to discuss high-quality value design in a high-performance home. They explain how they design HVAC systems (heat pumps) for low-load homes in ways that are affordable, efficient, and comfortable. High-performance, low-load homes need to be energy-efficient AND comfortable, and it can be a […]
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Duct Installation Best Practices
In this podcast episode, Neil Comparetto from Comparetto Comfort Solutions joins Bryan and Kaleb to discuss some duct installation best practices he has learned. You might be able to take away some of his duct installation tips and apply them in the field. Neil used to focus a lot on making the ducts look good, […]
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