David Richardson
Company name: National Comfort Institute
Position: Director of Training
David Richardson is the Director of Training at NCI and develops curricula that provide technicians with real-world training experiences. He is an instructor who also regularly writes about HVAC performance testing for many industry publications, including ACHR News and High-Performance HVAC Today.
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Six Tips to Help You Write an Article for HVAC School
By:David Richardson This tech tip was written by David Richardson, the Vice President of Training for NCI. David has been on several podcasts and has spoken at the HVACR Training Symposium multiple times. Thanks, David! Your ideas and experiences are the ingredients for great articles. Unfortunately, they are easy to forget if you don’t capture […]
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I’ve Got a Combustion Analyzer, What’s Next?
By:Eric KaiserDavid Richardson NOTE: If you cannot view the recording, the video may still be processing. The maximum wait time is 24 hours. We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience.
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Old Tricks & New Dogs!
By:Chris HughesDavid Richardson
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How to EFFECTIVELY implement educational growth w/ David Richardson
By:David RichardsonBryan Orr  David Richardson of NCI joins the HVAC School podcast to talk about how we can implement educational growth effectively throughout the trade. NCI started as a premium training resource about airflow testing, but the organization eventually started teaching about combustion testing as well. When we improve the industry, we need to […]
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Mixed Air Temperature w/ David Richardson
By:David RichardsonBryan Orr David Richardson with NCI, author of Duct Dynasty, joins us on the podcast to talk about mixed air temperature and more topics of interest. When you bring outside air into the home, you introduce positive pressure into the home. That way, you can offset air lost via mechanical ventilation or through cracks, improving […]
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