Michael Housh
Company name: Housh - The Home Energy Experts
Position: President
Michael Housh is the president of his own HVAC contracting company, Housh - The Home Energy Experts. He has also contributed several tech tips to HVAC School over the years, especially regarding natural gas heating, and participated in podcasts and panel discussions.
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Comparing Manual J to Reality
This article was written by HVAC contractor and Building Science Whiz, Michael Housh. Thanks, Michael! For a while, I’ve fallen into this camp where I feel Manual J overshoots heating loads. First off, I would like to say that Manual J is only as good as the information you give it, but we often run […]
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Simple Pump Selection Part 2
Another follow-up article by Michael Housh… Enjoy! In this article, I thought I would show a pump curve and match it up with our system head-loss curve that we created in the last article, but before I do that, I thought I would talk a little bit more about the system head-loss curve and why […]
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Simple Pump Selection Exercise
Here is another excellent article from Michael Housh, owner of Housh Home Energy and a regular contributor to HVAC School. Thanks, Michael! I thought I would go through a simple example of sizing a hydronic circulator for an application. This is a made-up scenario, but I sketched out a 20’ x 20’ square home with […]
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Home Performance Panel
NOTE: If you cannot view the recording, the video may still be processing. The maximum wait time is 24 hours. We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience.
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HVAC School Admin Discussion – Moderating a Successful Community
 Some admins from the HVAC School Facebook group join the podcast to discuss the art of moderating a successful community. Bryan is joined by Eric Kaiser, Ty Branaman, Michael Housh, and Neil Comparetto. You can also watch the video version of this podcast HERE. A community based on a skilled trade gives people an […]
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Upgrades and Proposals That Lead to Clarity & Profit w/ Michael Housh
Michael Housh returns to the podcast to discuss upgrades and proposals that are worth considering. These upgrades and proposals can actually benefit the customer AND lead to clarity and profit without turning you into a white-shirt tech. When assessing a system for replacement, it’s a good idea to look at the airflow side by measuring […]
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Is The Future of Air Conditioning Self-Contained Propane Chillers?
Michael Housh and Jim Bergmann join Bryan to look into the crystal ball to see the future of air conditioning and design the PERFECT residential system. Self-contained propane heat recovery chillers are futuristic devices that do simultaneous heating and cooling. While they may not be suitable for all climates, they can switch between heating and […]
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