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Making Family Business Work w/ Leilani Orr
 In this podcast episode, Bryan has an enjoyable conversation with his wife Leilani about navigating family relationships while building a business. They discuss the challenges and benefits of mixing family and work, setting boundaries, and maintaining perspective. Bryan starts by admitting he felt intimidated to have Leilani on the podcast before, joking about her […]
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Malco – New Tools and Education Focus with Rich Benninghoff – Short #138
In this short podcast from AHR 2022, Leilani Orr and Eric Kaiser talk with the president and CEO of Malco Tools, Rich Benninghoff. Rich discusses some of the exciting new tools that Malco is bringing to the market and some plans for the future, especially when it comes to education. Malco has developed the Eagle-Grip, […]
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AHR 2020 Roundup from the Floor
In this podcast, HVAC School team members Kaleb and Leilani walk the floor and talk to various people about their products and companies at AHR 2020. Bryan also has a quick conversation with Frank from HVAC Outlawz. The newest RectorSeal surge protection (RSH-50 with the 60A disconnect) uses MOVs and gas discharge tubes, which work […]
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