Use Your Senses First


A good technician uses their senses before they use their tools. Is your suction line abnormally cold? Make sure the evaporator coil isn’t frozen and check airflow.
Is your liquid line abnormally warm to the touch? Could be a dirty condenser, CFM issue or overcharge.
Listen for abnormal motor and compressor noises, watch for signs of corrosion and oil for possible leaks.
Smell for signs of burning and overheating.
Listen for a blower that sounds like a train engine.

Train your senses to spot abnormalities and you will save time and catch issues before they go too far… and you will look like a superhero… which may be the best part of all.



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  1. Doug Garner says:

    Yes! I teach my guys this too! Situational awareness is key to so many things in life. Its about being observant and attentive to detail! Be a Brain Surgeon, not a dump truck driver!

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